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Headaches / Migraines

neck pain

Neck Pain

knee pain

Low Back Pain / Sciatica

disc injury

Disc Issues

shoulder pain
shoulder pain

Shoulder Issues

hip pain

Hip Issues

knee pain

Knee issues

Digestive Issues


Numbness and Tingling

immune system function

Immune System Function

muscle joint pain

Muscle Joint Pain and Stiffness

hormonal imbalance

Hormonal Imbalances


We understand you've probably already seen multiple physicians physical therapists acupuncturists massage therapists and doctors of chiropractic for care without getting the results for your pain or injury we've helped thousands of patients get the natural results they've been looking for because we approach your care from a different point of view.


Consult: The consultation is complimentary 15 minutes with the doctor to initially discuss what you current reason for coming to our office is for.  This is a unique approach to connect with you and your current issue and how we can help you resolve it and get back what you feel you have lost and are hoping to regain in the process.  Our goal is to make sure we are the right office to help you accomplish your goal and solve your issue.

Exam: The exam is a detailed approach to look at how your body has adapted to the physical, chemical, and emotional stresses over time and the current period of your issue.  We utilize digital posture pictures to evaluate your posture and imbalances.  Digital range of motion is used to set a standard for how well your spine and extremities are moving compared to their normal ranges.  Muscle testing is used to evaluate muscle engagement at specific nerve levels and to make sure everything else is working properly without symptoms.  Orthopedic and neurologic testing are used to for any deeper issue that may need help outside of our office.  Zone Analysis is utilized to asses the zone function in the brain and it’s relationship to the systems of the body.

Results and Financials  (2nd Visit):  The second visit consists of going over the results from your initial consult and examination.  If your significant other makes the financial decisions or you have someone else helping with care, please have that person along with for this  appointment.  After getting the reason or reasons why you are in our office for care, we will discuss what we have found from our testing and how that is directly related to your issue and let you know what our solution is for your problem.  We’ll also provide you with or care plan recommendations along with financial options on how you can pay for care.  We will consider your current lifestyle choices and goals for the for the future into consideration for your recommendations.

Impact Care:  In order to keep you on time and other patients on time, we ask that all patients be prompt with their appointments as well as giving a notice at least 6 hours prior to your appointment if can not make it.  There will be a three-strike policy.  If on the third missed appointment or no show, there will be a $25 charge. Ongoing care will be provided by the doctor and anything else done during the visit will depend on the doctors recommendations.  Stretches, nutritional supplements and supplements to care may be provided to help you continue to make an Impact in your lifestyle and health.  Questions are always welcomed as is anything pertaining to you getting your continued results for you and or your family.  The foundation for your results is based on Zone clearing and balancing, well balanced diet, high quality supplements and you taking an active role in your care and results.

impact chiropractic center


To fully understand your issue and results while helping you feel like you have been heard and understood.



To fully understand your issue and results while helping you feel like you have been heard and understood.



At Impact Chiropractic Center we want to know why you’re here, how it makes you feel, what you hope to regain. 



We clear your zones based upon the zone analysis and  provide the treatment necessary that we can provide through full spine adjusting, extremity work, soft tissue work as well as use of flexion/distraction table.



Recommended that as your zones are balanced, you have closer to 80-100% healing that we as a team set up maintenance care for you and or your family to maintain your best health possible.

Dr. Josh Jaeger, D.C.

Welcome To Impact Chiropractic Center
Your go-to Chiropractor in Fargo, North Dakota

Dr. Jaeger, your go-to-chiropractor in Fargo, ND. We are a chiropractic office helping provide an opportunity for you to , “Take action today while providing an impact on your health tomorrow.” We offer full spinal and extremity adjustments. We provide a detailed consultation, followed by a thorough exam with any necessary orthopedic or neurological testing. We utilize mobile posture pictures in a 4-view setting to take a look at your posture and alignment. We utilize digital range of motion testing, kinesiology muscle testing and zone technique analysis. If x-rays are necessary or needed, a referral to Diagnostic Imaging will be provided and can usually be done the same day.

We are a cash based office and do not accept assignment of the insurance companies. As a result, we are able to continue to make care affordable to you and your family as we help everyone from athletes, weekend warriors, health conscious individuals, full-time desk workers and young children. We accept payments through HAS, flex spending accounts, checks, debit card, credit card and cash.

Learn more about zone technique here. Doctor Josh also utilizes specific prone, diversified adjusting, upper cervical and extremity adjustments along with soft tissue care and active post rehab exercises. The table used is a drop table with flexion and distraction for the lumbar region. Pregnant women are accommodated very well with this table and technique and adjusting style as well.




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